The Colbert County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) is governed by the Colbert County Commission and is responsible for managing resources that may be needed during any type of emergency situation. By following a standardized Emergency Operations Plan, the EMA ensures that the citizens of our county are prepared for things such as Hurricanes, Flooding, Earthquakes, Snow and Ice, Tornados, Terrorism, Biological and Chemical emergencies as well as Health Pandemics.

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The Colbert County Emergency Management Communications District (Colbert County 9-1-1 for short) was created by popular vote of Colbert County and in accordance with Section 11-98-1, Code of Alabama, 1975 (Act No. 84 - 369). The Colbert County Commission created the agency on November 6, 1990. A seven seat Board of Directors, appointed by the County Commission, was established to govern the agency. Appointments are four year terms in staggered succession.

The Colbert County Enhanced 9-1-1 system belongs to you, knowing how the "Enhanced" 9-1-1 system works and how to us it will help you get the services you need in the timely manner you deserve.

The Colbert County Enhanced 9-1-1 Center is responsible for taking emergency calls, processing those calls, and dispatching the appropriate personnel to assist in mitigating the problem. Dispatchers can provide life-saving pre-arrival instructions such as CPR, bleeding control, etc. Using a Next Generation Computer Aided Dispatch system, dispatchers track the status of fire, medical and law enforcement agencies in the county.

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