On behalf of the officers of the Leighton Police Department, I would like to welcome you
to our website. My goal is to better serve the citizens who live and work in and around our
community by providing current information and resources to better assist you. As a
department we work hard to provide the best law enforcement service to our citizens so that
you may have a safe environment to live and work. Our department is professionally staffed
and provides 24 hour a day service. I encourage you to reach out and contact us with any
questions, comments, or concerns.
It is my duty to lead our department by providing opportunities for future generations
through the safety, security, and welfare of our town. I strive to work on building relationships
with our youth to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the public. Community
policing and public relations are priorities as well as being proactive to prevent, deter, and solve
crime. Together, we can make our community a safe and viable place to live and work.

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